Come November and another IEEE-WIE event in is on the horizon as IEEE will venture across the whole of Pakistan to seek the most talented and able photographers and poster creators of the country. To the delight of the people who have thought of IEEE as an organization which has always indulged in technical and academic workshops and sessions, IEEE will be holding its all Pakistan Photography and Poster Competition: an event that will be more on the recreational side. The event will be sponsored by Zarsaya and the competitiveness of the contest is to not be underestimated. With a prize of Rs 10000 and 15 Zarsaya discount vouchers up for grabs and a chance to gain recognition in the country, the best of the best will be competing. Regardless, whether it is to gain experience on a high level or to participate for a healthy competition, the opportunity is not to be missed.
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Rules for Competition:

1- A participant can make submissions under both categories.

2- Participant can make only one submission under each category for one ticket.

3- Participant must buy the ticket in order to have their work be considered for the reward prize.

4- Participant can buy multiple tickets to make multiple submissions.

5- Non-Nustians can participate but they have to buy the ticket from NUST in order to do so. They may get in touch with our marketing team lead.

6- Participants must stick to the theme. Wheels or any equipment with wheels like vehicles, ferris wheels, decorative elements with wheels must be featured in the photo or the poster.

7- Under the graphics category, digital illustrations will be accepted.

8- Participants uploading under the photography category may retouch their photos like play with the clarity, saturation, contrast etc of the photo but may not do photo manipulation like combining 2 different photos together or adding text to their photo etc. They must also attach a zip file of the photo before and after applying the effects. Under this category participants can upload pictures taken from mobile cameras, DSLR cameras or point and shoot cameras.

9- Participants uploading under the graphics category must upload a zip file of the original photos, if any, that they may have used in their poster along with a jpeg or png file of their poster. They may also add text and other graphical elements to their poster.

10- Photos or posters taken from the internet will automatically be disqualified.

For the competition of a national level, it was necessary to have a very qualified panel of judges, and IEEE external affairs ensured that this requirement was fulfilled. The most skilled and experience photographers and graphic designers of Pakistan will be evaluating the submissions of the participants. Therefore, the participants can rest assured that the most complete and deserving submissions will emerge victorious.
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Event Sponsor

Financially the event has also gained a vital patron in Zarsaya. Zarsaya is a unique clothing line that emerges from regional fashion and embraces changes to ravish the wardrobe delicacies of fashion enthusiasts. With their sponsorship, the competitors will also be competing for a Zarsaya 25% discount voucher, which will be awarded to the top 7 placements in each category.

Ending Note

As a closure IEEE would like to say that not only is this event a means of providing a national level competition but also supposed to be a wholesome and light activity. Although IEEE is a very large research and academia related entity, it realizes the importance of conducting such events every now and then. Students, along with education should also develop their other interests and skills.

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