Brush up your skills and pick up your cameras as IEEE SEECS brings you its Digital Poster and Photography Contest. With an opportunity to win a cash prize of Rs.10,000 and a chance to gain recognition for your abilities, everybody is encouraged to participate.

This will not just be an event across NUST, it will have participants from all across Pakistan and the winner can surely brag about being the best of the best in the entire country! A cash prize of Rs.5000 is set for the winner of the Digital Poster category and another Rs.5000 cash prize is set for winner of the Photography category.

The theme for the submissions has been decided to be “Anything with wheels”, so let your creativity run wild!

Rules for Competition

  • A participant can make only a SINGLE submission under BOTH categories by buying a single ticket. So if you win under both categories you can win Rs.10,000!
  • A participant must buy the ticket in order to have their work be considered for the reward prize. Tickets can be bought through EasyPaisa as well as our marketing team. The EasyPaisa account is set up under the name of Muhammad Talha Ali Bhatty, +923335743453. Keep your transaction ID along with your transaction confirmation message safe in order to submit your piece.
  • To make multiple submissions, a participant must buy multiple tickets.
  • Anyone in Pakistan can participate provided they send the required amount through EasyPaisa before the deadline.
  • Participants must stick to the theme. Wheels or any equipment with wheels like vehicles, ferris wheels, decorative elements with wheels must be featured in the photo or the poster. No abstract representations of wheels will be considered!
  • Participants uploading under the photography category may retouch their photos like play with the clarity, saturation, contrast etc of the photo but may not do photo manipulation for instance combining 2 different photos together or adding text to their photo etc. Under this category participants can upload pictures taken from mobile cameras, DSLR cameras or point and shoot cameras. They must also attach a zip file of the final jpeg file and a raw file if the photo was taken from a DSLR camera. If the photo was taken using a phone camera then a zip file must be uploaded containing jpeg files of the photo before and after applying any effects.
  • Under the digital poster category graphic design and digital illustration posters will be accepted. Participants must upload a zipped file containing the jpeg file of their poster plus the AI, PSD or the file having the extension of any other such software which may have been used to make the poster.
  • There will be plagiarism checks so photos or posters taken from the internet will automatically be disqualified.

The tickets will be priced at  Rs.200 and submissions will be opened on the 10th of November and will close of on the 18th of November. The winners for each category will be duly announced soon after an assessment from our judges. We will be looking forward to seeing who emerges as the most talented photographer and digital poster designer in all of Pakistan!

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